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" mystery in a luminous word..."
charles frode
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Writing and Publication


Charles Frode has written and published 6 books--three collections of short stories, his memoir of his time as a Trappist monk, a collection of poetry, and a book on gardening.

He chose to self-publish, Print on Demand through LULU book publishers. His journey of self-publication is a growing phenomenon in the ever changing world of publication.

Frode is fascinated by the writing process--both fiction and non-fiction, and is skilled and experienced at mentoring writers through the following aspects of writing:

  • Moving past so-called "writer's block" ("I don't know what to write!")
  • Generating ideas to write about
  • The different kinds of brainstorming
  • How to start
  • The interplay between facts and opinions
  • How to create a thesis (your opinion about the topic in one sentence)
  • How to generate topic sentences from the thesis
  • How to use Poetic Devices as writing tools (metaphor, repetition, etc.)
  • How to revise
  • Describing not telling

Frode also uses the wonderful book about writing by Mario Vargas Llosa, Letters to a Young Novelist, to introduce and guide aspiring writers to the next level of fiction writing.

He is eager to speak with writers and non-writers and to discuss the fascinating and mysterious world of words.

He is also available to read and discuss selections from his own books--short stories, poetry, gardening, or his memoir about his time as a monk and his archetypal friendship with his Narcissus.


Order your own copies of Frode's 6 books now

  1. A Dream of India & Other Mystic Stories of Radiance and Darkness 14 stories that emerged from mystical intersections of humanity, reality, and magic.

  2. One Times One & Other Numinous Stories of Redemption and Loss  14 sinister, disturbing, gently cynical stories.

  3. Dreaming of Fish & Other Apocalyptic Stories Of Foreboding and Grace  15 haunting stories, the last concentrated benignly pessimistic squeezings from a late harvest, a mystical gumbo of stirred dimensions.

  4.  I Am Goldmund: My Spiritual Odyssey With Narcissus  - my memoir recounting my spiritual odyssey with a modern monk wherein we discovered an identical passion and understanding of archetypical forces embodied in one friendship as Hermann Hesse revealed in his Narcissus and Goldmund.

  5.  The Garden: Perennial Reflections on Beginnings and Ends  metaphorical, spiritual, and human reflections on gardening, reality, and the mysteries and wonder of being human.

  6. The Yearning Lurks: The Collected Poems  a fascination with and seduction by the sound power of words, love poems, love for life, and its complement, mortality, poems of free verse, rhyming, metrical, and narrative.