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" mystery in a luminous word..."
charles frode
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Dreaming of Fish & Other Apocalyptic Stories Of Foreboding and Grace


My 1st collection, A Dream of India, presented 14 mystic stories of radiance and darkness, that is, stories of unusual and deep love. The 2nd collection, One Times One, surfaced 14 numinous stories of redemption and loss, dark yet iridescent stories.

This 3rd collection is the last concentrated, perhaps bitter and benignly pessimistic squeezings from this late season’s harvest, the left-over fruit gleaned after the sweetest fruit has been picked, mystical gumbos of differently stirred dimensions of experience, compiled herein chronologically starting with the title story, “Dreaming of Fish.

•           Several stories written with the narrator, “you,” could be you, the reader, or me, the writer. These 2nd person singular stories are not only adventurous to write but also a cognitive MRI for the reader.

•           Three apocalyptic stories foresee how the Earth could end if the current destructive bio/human dynamics are not aborted.

•           Another handful of stories depict an invasion of sanctified cockroaches; an uncannily skilled boy; a mystical story of ALS; a stereotypical young mass murderer; a hunchback, hermaphrodite, and mysterious Greek monastery; a walleyed degenerate and his omnivorous goats; and finally the transmigration of a matriarchal boar’s spirit to a Sumatran baby girl.


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