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" mystery in a luminous word..."
charles frode
Author Writer Poet Teacher
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"A Dream of India"

"One Times One"

  • Title story from the author's 2nd short story collection, One Times One & Other Numinous Stories of Redemption and Loss

"Dreaming of Fish"

  • Title story from the author's 3rd short story collection, Dreaming of Fish & Other Apocalyptic Stories Of Foreboding and Grace

"Chapter 1: Beginning of the End"

  • From the author's memoir I Am Goldmund: My Spiritual Odyssey With Narcissus

"Chapter 6: Mumbo-Jumbo"

  • From the author's The Garden: Perennial Reflections on Beginnings and Ends

"The Yearning Lurks"

  • Title poem from the author's The Yearning Lurks: The Collected Poems