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" mystery in a luminous word..."
charles frode
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The Yearning Lurks The Collected Poems


when he first realized that words have power to injure and power to heal, but he recounted once the impact that that realization had and still has on him. An author from youth, Frode’s poetry originates in his spiritual quest that eventually took him to a Trappist monastery where he met his Narcissus and discovered the archetype he was living out. He subsequently wrote and published his memoir, I Am Goldmund: My Spiritual Odyssey With Narcissus. 

Finally presented in their entirety, the poems in this sumptuous collection of Charles Frode span 60 years of spiritual odyssey, from a California Trappist monastery where he met his lifelong Narcissus, to Cali barrio school classrooms, to a Mexican curandero in Amatlán the legendary birthplace of Quetzalcoatl, to the arms of an Aztec queen who would become his soul mate and wife, to their hegira from the Golden State to burgeoning Treasure Valley in Idaho, and there to a correctional facility where he mentors and teaches writing to juvenile offenders.

A writer from youth, Frode’s poetry revels in the joy and passion of sound--rhyme, meter, free verse, and narrative forms, all of which embody his passion for life, understanding, beauty, love, food and cooking. When not writing or teaching, Frode gardens and cooks feasts with his talented chef wife for their extended family and friends, he plays guitar, and he meditates to survive the onslaught of ignorance, suffering, and mortality. 

Read the title poem, "The Yearning Lurks."



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